These reasons for wisdom teeth removal instantly

These reasons for wisdom teeth removal instantly

Wisdom tooth removal is a tooth controversial today:
Should extract wisdom teeth or not?
What are benefits of wisdom teeth removal?

Undeniable the nuisance that it causes to patients feel pain and discomfort. The following information below that why you need to implement wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth destroy bone and side tooth.

Wisdom teeth have a tendency grow pierced deviation into side tooth. The side teeth will loose, sometimes cavities or can break.Wisdom teeth make patients in great pain in under teeth.
Because it grows uncomfortable when jawbone and gums have stabilized. The next tooth is affected and patients suffering terrible pain.

Wisdom teeth make bad breath

The appearance of wisdom teeth will make the retained food stay in the tooth groove more easily. The deep in the oral cavity where the hides of wisdom teeth are difficult to clean every day. It will become a location convenient of bacteria that causes tooth decay.
Also, due to awareness of oral hygiene and knowledge of wisdom teeth is limited so cause bad breath.

Wisdom teeth make a weak jaw.

Some cases of wisdom teeth on wrong locations of the jaw although the jaw is not large enough for it to grow.

Therefore, the area around the wisdom teeth is at risk of oral diseases such as the dental cyst, cellulitis, bone loss, … reduces the hardness of bones and teeth, besides it make a big impact ability of the chewing function.

Wisdom teeth make deformed jaw.

There are a few cases of wisdom teeth will grow and push the other teeth forward. A wisdom tooth can push 2 replacement of molars, two small molars, and one canine. Incisors will push each other and destroy the structure of jaw. And, teeth are no longer growing as inherent beauty.

Wisdom teeth cause cavities, plaque or tartar. Because wisdom teeth grow at the deep of the jaw. It’s very difficult hygiene, food and bacteria accumulate easier.
For a long time, tooth decay will occur and the plaque, tartar will remain on teeth, leading to tooth myelitis.

Wisdom teeth cause dental diseases.

You will be in trouble of oral unless wisdom teeth removal is done immediately. The risk would be higher as infections, damaged pulp, gingivitis, cavities, gingivitis covered. It will affect the ability to eat, chew food daily.

In some rare cases, if the wisdom tooth is not treated promptly, it can be infectious and spread to the area around the ear, cheek, neck, … dangerous to the health even each person’s life.

For the reasons stated above, you also have to understand something about the hazards of wisdom teeth. If wisdom teeth have a problem, you should COME immediately to the REPUTABLE DENTAL CLINIC to implement wisdom teeth removal.

Benefits of wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom teeth removal prevents for risk below:

– The molars grows crossover

– A wisdom teeth stuck into the jawbone and can’t break gum to grow up.

– The gums become red, swollen and painful by a flap gums around wisdom tooth growing part.

– Wisdom teeth decay and gum disease spread to other teeth.

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