Expression of wisdom teeth is usually easily found through a few typical signs.

Sometimes you do not need to come to the clinic but still, recognize this one. Here are the markedly point that almost all cases wisdom tooth are encountered.

Expression of tooth grows location.

To understand the expression of the wisdom teeth, the first is the tooth growing position.
Wisdom teeth usually grow in the deepest position of the jaw, besides molars. The positions can be of different sizes, depending on the length of the jaw and the size of the remaining teeth in the arch.

The more space, the wisdom tooth easier to grow. This point partially reduces pain for the person who has wisdom tooth growing. And, it’s limit about condition wisdom teeth deviation grows very dangerous for the jaw.

wisdom teeth

Wisdom tooth deviation grows very dangerous for the jaw.

The expression about the time when wisdom teeth grow.

Wisdom teeth grow in the range of 18 – 25 years old, sometimes later or earlier.
Where growing enough, after 18 years 32 teeth, the number of teeth has stabilized. You don’t have to worry anymore about wisdom tooth problems.
After 18 years, if there are not sufficient 32 teeth, the risk of wisdom tooth growing is very high.
The more tooth growth later, the pain will be increasing.
Time to complete wisdom teeth grows quite long around a few years. And, it causes pain again and again at the same time.

Tooth germ ingrained in the jaw.

Wisdom teeth have hidden risk. Usually, wisdom tooth germ grows deep in the jaw. And, growing difficulties due to the protruded from the gums. Tooth height of the teeth is not equal to the other. The root usually lower than next tooth, and quite close to the nerve tube. This is dangerous for teeth removal. If remove tooth unprofessional, the wisdom tooth will cause complications.

Impacted wisdom teeth are growing in the wrong direction.

The time grows late and long, mostly wisdom teeth grow deviation because the jaw and teeth had finished developing.
Popular of direction grows are inclined to next teeth.

Wisdom teeth that are a more complex way. Sometimes stab horizontal into the side teeth. Sometimes grows skewer down into the jawbone or ingrown. This situation is very dangerous and should be handled immediately.


The common of expressions of wisdom tooth growing and easy to recognize is mostly pain. Feeling pain prolonged, the jaw paralyzed and can’t chew anythings. The longer tooth growth more, the pain has repeated more.

wisdom teeth painful


In the position of wisdom tooth, gums often team up or redness. This moment patient’s gum so crazy pain.The part of this gum usually less grabs on teeth even grow complete. It often excess if compared with teeth and become an environment of bacteria reproduction.


The solution when wisdom teeth growing.

Seek medical advice as soon as the expression of the first wisdom tooth pain in the jaw. It will help you control the better wisdom tooth, avoid adverse situations happen to the teeth and oral health. Registration about monitoring teeth regularly. You can follow the general oral health and know when and how wisdom tooth grow.

wisdom teeth

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