Shrimp recipes – Simple and easy to cook for healthy meal 2017

Shrimp recipes – Fried shrimp for healthy meal 2017

Today I will share  a simple and very easy to do shrimp recipes.

Time to do:

Prep: 5-10 mins.

Cook: 15 min

Serving: 4 people.


Shrimp recipes

Fresh milk: 1 cup

Shrimp recipes
Buttermilk: 1 cup ( you can use fresh milk or soymilk depend on your taste.)

Shrimp recipes
Spicy sauce: 1 cup

Shrimp recipes
Baking powder or self-rising flour: 2 cups

Shrimp recipes
Cornmeal self-rising flour: 1/4 cup

Shrimp recipes
Black pepper: 2 tablespoons

Shrimp recipes
Salt: 3 tablespoons

Shrimp recipes
Medium shrimp has been peeled and deveined: 2 pounds( Note: retaining tail)

Shrimp recipes
Cooking oil: enough fill the pan.

Step 1: Mix fresh milk, buttermilk, and hot sauce together in bowl A.

Step 2: Mix cornmeal, flour and black pepper, salt together in bowl B.

Step 3:

Set a baking tray with paper towels beside

Dip the shrimp in the bowl B then dip into bowl A.

Dip into bowl B again before put into the frying pan. ( Note: don’t put overload the frying pan.)

Cook them 2 minutes or until golden brown each side.

 Put the fried shrimp on the paper towel, rolling until dry.

Taste better when food still hot.

Shrimp recipes

Perception of taste:

Please Christ lord forgives because I had eaten all part of others…



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