MyHReConnection – Instruction login step by step with picture

myHReConnection – Instruction login step by step with picture

Contact MyHRConnection below :



Should you have any questions related to the functions on the portal, please contact MyHRConnection at
1(888) 892-2248 (ext. 21031) or this email.

Write your 7-digit of  ID Number of the User ID box.


Your User ID is a 7 digit number that works to recognize you in Giant Eagle Systems. This number is private and shouldn’t be shared amid staff. If you have logged into Smart Track you have worked your User ID to do so and should use the number that you log into the smart track with to log into MyHReConnection.

Write your password in the PASSWORD box.


Your password = last 4 of your Social Security number + your birthdate. (As an example, last 4 of SSN = 1234 and birthdate of 5/6/1978 would have a password of 123405061978. Please be sure to use 8-digits when writing down your birthdate.)
The 1st time you log in you will answer to give password hint questions to change your password.We also need an email address to sign in MyHReConnection.Click Login box
Note: In 1st-time login.

Confirm your new password by re-entering the new password in the Confirm Password field.

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