How to study the most effective with MDC Blackboard

MDC Blackboard: Ways to learn

The tips for high scores of a good student with MDC Blackboard

I am a student of MDC Blackboard. Sticking with MDC for almost 2 years, I have a lot of fun, experience in the learning process.The MDC Blackboard helps students practice their ability to work in a team, to work independently, to support students in their studies.With the learning style of MDC, self-study is very important. Because you do not go to class and meet with teachers every day as formal learning.How to study well in MDC environment? I would like to share with you some of my own learning experiences through this article.

To study well, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Plan for learning
2. Reading skills
3. Skill to ask questions
4. Revision skills, self-test through the test.
5. Store learning materials, teacher lectures as reference materials for the next subject.
6. Regularly check Blackboard MDC email gives you to get the instructions, reminder from your professor.

Study planning

Get your learning plan from YOUR PROFESSOR, the first thing you need to do right away is to plan your study. This is made simple, easy with a desk calendar. As soon as you receive the syllabus, you mark the timelines for homework assignments, exam dates on the calendars and follow up, mark what you have completed, what needs to be done on time.

You can also set up a file to save your learning plan with simple Excel. In it, you arrange tasks that need to be completed in chronological order and printed out for easy tracking of study schedules.

Reading skills

Textbooks are a great assistant for you in the learning process. Books help you learn anytime, anywhere without having to depend on the computer, power, internet connection …How to read books effectively? Prepare a pencil and try to focus on reading. You should not listen to music or watch TV while reading. Record what you have learned from the book, use pencil marking on details not yet understood to ask teachers and friends through mail, forum. If you open the e-textbook use a notebook to take notes.

Skill to ask questions

If you have any questions about your study or are not sure yet, feel free to drop the question in the subject forum or email your processor for support. For teachers to respond early, try to ask specific questions, clear.

I very much remember the advice of Dr.Monteagudo – MDC Principal advised students:
When you need to ask about something, please specify: what you want to ask? Sections? What pages in the syllabus? The teacher will check the lesson and give you an answer soon.

Dr. Monteagudo

An example of a specific question:

I don’t understand how to change the formula A, section B, lesson C in the syllabus D. Please kindly to explain more.

Do not ask too general questions. You will not be able to clearly state your intentions like:

Teacher, please talk about parametric estimation.

Better would be:

Please provide further guidance on parameter estimation for normal distributed random variables. Section Lecture 6.x.x, page Y of the Statistical Probability Curriculum.
In addition, it will be better to ask if you have been trying to figure out the answer before, even if you have not reached your desired destination.

The teachers will quickly answer the questions that you “brainstormed” before.

For example: With teamwork exercises, we offer the following options for implementation. Please review and orientation.

Asking this is better than posting on the forum: How to do teamwork exercise? The question does not reflect the level of effort you have made.

mdc blackboard

Revision skills, self-testing through tests.

When you do multiple-choice quizzes, have difficult questions, do not pick a random answer. You should spend time, open the curriculum or open a lecture file to look up and search for answers.

When completing a test, read slowly, carefully review the questions that are wrongly answered. Review syllabus sections as explanations of answers to understand the lesson.
Try each practice multiple times, at least 70%

Store learning materials, teacher lectures as reference materials for the next subject.

Each subject has interference and uses additional knowledge of other subjects. Therefore, please carefully store the study materials, even if you have finished the study as a reference.You will not be able to study Management Accounting unless you know the Principles of Accounting. Knowledge of “Administration” is required for Organizational Behavior. “General Legal Knowledge” is the basis for further study of “Economic Law”, etc.

So take measures to organize and store study materials so that easy to see, easy to obtain for reference when necessary, even after the end of the course.

mdc blackboard

Regular MDC email checks Blackboard provides you to get directions, reminders from teachers.

The teacher is a companion, helping you a lot in learning. Regularly check the Blackboard MDC mailbox for you, you will receive reminders of your learning schedule, useful materials for your learning from the teacher. Keep in touch with your teacher, with your classmates through email, and forums for academic help.

Little experience sharing with you. Wish you always learn well, always be the winner in the journey of knowledge discovery.


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