Laser eye surgery: benefits, risk, costs and things to know

Laser eye surgery: benefits, risk, costs and things to know

Laser eye surgery: benefits, risk, costs and things to know

LASIK Surgery, also known as laser eye surgery. Every year, Americans made 700.000 times surgery for the eye.

LASIK (Laser In-situ Keratomileusis) is surgical adjustment refractive errors of the eye. In particular, the Excimer Laser beam will cut, correct corneal shape under the parameters. Lasik surgery can adjust all types of refractive errors. Example: nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Benefits of laser eye surgery

No need use eyeglass

While the glasses have a positive impact and the negative to your vision. Everyone would agree that it really do not offer the best comfort when worn. If you wear glasses long time, your nose hurt, inconvenience and rubbing the ear too much. Laser eye surgery might be right for you. Or do you also need to find a pair of glasses more comfortable to wear another?

Better vision

Nearly 80% of people chose Lasik surgery to improve vision. About 1 day, the patient can see pretty well the same as when they wear glasses. Within a few months, the patient will improve in the vision between before and after surgery.

Quick and painless surgery

Duration of treatment takes about 20 minutes, the results will know before you leave the clinic.

Risk should know

Red streak

Laser eye surgery







There are red streaks in the eye. It appears after the surgery, which lasted about 2-3 months before disappearing.

Sensitivity to the light

This sensitivity is the cause of the irritation with the glare and night blindness are. as well as white halo appears around objects in the daytime. This symptom usually disappears after a few days in most surgical patients.

Return when older

When you get older, the eye will change shape to adapt. If you treat Lasik in the past, when you get older, your eyes will return to the original vision before you have surgery. You will need to see your doctor to revise the vision.

How much?

In the US:  around 4000$ per eye.

In Canada: 2077$ per eye

In the UK: 1980 £

In India:  around 30000 Rs

In Singapore: 3300$

When should I start eye surgery?

The smallest is 18 years old

Your eyes must (almost) stable for at least a year.

Normal iris.

Have a healthy cornea, both in thickness and corneal map.

Normal intraocular pressure.

Have enough money to pay. 🙂

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