How to cool in Feabie?

Sign up for other social networks.
Please select the social networks that you can update regularly. Promote your brand via feabie and share links with other feabies
If you’re young, Twitter and Instagram are the best options.
If you are middle-aged, you should choose Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
Create a personal website or blog.
Private websites help people find you, feabies you use more easily, and more direct access to content. Make sure you create a website that works both on your phone and on the web browser. Websites make it easier for advertisers to contact you than feabie. Furthermore, you can also make money from personal blogs if you decide to use an affiliate link or place ads for other products.
If you specialize in video, you can do vlogs instead of blogging.
Popular blogging tools and websites are,, Squarespace and Wix.
Use hashtag and meme.
Hashtag and meme are the approach to the majority of the audience and attract new fans. Look for tags that relate to what you do and use it creatively in posts to entice your fans with the same hobby. Encourage followers or fans to use that hashtag to build a platform on Feabie.
For example, if you make food vlogs, you can tag #food, #foodie or #feedfood, #fatfood, and feederfood.
Build consistent image
If you have a favorite logo or avatar, hang it to express your personal brand. Try to select the username on the same feabie so people do not get confused. Use the same logo and avatar for feabie accounts to create a brand identity for yourself. You also need to be consistent in your words and actions. If you say something but do the opposite, such as failure to keep words, hypocrisy, feabie will “denounce” you, the fans will leave you.
Think about your personal brand from the perspective of the company. If a company has a lot of logos and a different store layout then the customer will be distracted. Of course, your fans also think so.
Whether you are angry, overwhelmed, happy or silly, fans will be confused if you change character after 1 night or you act inconsistently.
You should also be consistent with your content implementation schedule. If your fans are accustomed to posting new posts every two days, but you’re off for a week, it’s going to affect your audience.
Schedule daily postings on feabies. If you do not use feabie regularly, you can schedule it daily to remind yourself to post or view your profile. Just do this as you have demonstrated that it works and this is why they visit the site regularly.

For example, in the morning, you can set a time to check email and private messages, and share feabie postings on Facebook and Twitter. At noon, you can check and update again if you wish, then the last update in the late afternoon.
If you post regularly, the article will appear on the fans homepage.
Increasing Star Power
Find less competitive communities. The best way to increase follow-ups is to be a pioneer in the field you pursue. For example, on feabie, many people have evaluated, commented movie so competition will be fierce. Why do not you find a smaller community or an unrivaled field? Since the internet is a huge community of people, you can do many different types of content around it.
In addition to finding the community by the field you pursue, you can find out about your people. Internet celebrities often represent a minority in society.
Be yourself.
Online fans like people who express themselves in the content they perform. Always be self-consistent in your brand, and make your fans understand what they should expect of you. If you do not show your ego and your fans think negative about this then it will affect your online celebrity career.
Engage your audience towards. Even if you do not want to change your true self, you can still attract fans. Emphasize what you think your fans will enjoy. If you know that most fans like something, do not do it internally. If fans constantly ask you to talk about something, consider satisfying their requirements.
Keep an eye on the figures. If you see a drop in serious followers or a video or article that has a lot of negative feedback, it can adversely affect your career in the long run. If you see a drop in viewership or commentary, take the time to re-evaluate what you are doing and absorb the criticism from the audience. Change your image and habits to increase your fan base.
Always make high-quality content. Try to create the highest quality possible content. Although you do not have many modern types of equipment, you must ensure quality in terms of content. Posting things that are unrelated to the viewer or thoughtless ones will make your product look cheap and lose your fans.
Keep going. Many people do not understand that becoming an online celebrity is as time-consuming as full-time work. If you are creating content that is bizarre, then it will be difficult initially to attract attention. It is important that you keep trying and staying consistent, getting advice and criticism from people around you. For a place in the hearts of fans, you just have to show the originality, novelty, just right market.

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