HAIR TRANSPLANT: All the things you need to know about permanent hair transplant technology in 2017

HAIR TRANSPLANT: All the things you need to know about permanent hair transplant technology in 2017

What’s hair transplants? What is biological tissue?

This method of overcoming baldness using hair follicles alive (usually taken in the healthy hair follicles – the nape), from 1-4 fiber/follicle then split out and transplanted into areas balding (frontal, top …). Hair transplant surgery now according to biological tissue engineering. This is great progress in the health sector. It not only stimulates the hair grows back quickly, but also to ensure healthy high safety. Modern specialized equipment using strong hair follicles take from the body. It’s friendly to the body patient.

Then, why should choose it?

The reason you should choose a hair transplant surgery

Hair grows back so quickly, bushy, strong.

Doctors will conduct dissection and take each scalp hair root out correctly.

This method of hair transplantation often taking the healthier hair at the nape. Technicians use a modern microscope to split scalp hair roots have brought into smaller units (1 – 4 follicles). They then implanted into the balding scalp.

Once transplanted, the hair follicles will rapidly proliferate new cells, collagen production, fibroblasts, … stimulates the hair follicles to develop and grow back. Only 8-12 weeks after transplant hair will create a new hairpiece. The entire area will be covered bald by strong, thick and natural new hair layer. This is a permanent method of hair transplantation, to help hair grow fast, strong and not fall back.


Hair transplantation is absolutely safe methods, body-friendly

Hair transplant surgery biological tissue ensure absolute safety. The hair follicles have a high compatibility, hypoallergenic or any side effects. The doctor uses specialized equipment to create tiny holes in the skin modern balding hair follicles. Then they transplanted hair into the position created. Permanent hair transplant methods minimize all wounds after surgery.

Hair transplant

Hair transplant image on the microscope ( 20 times )

Comfortable and no pain

The hair transplant technology biological tissue is performed with process safety standards. Doctors always handled correctly, fast, gentle, painless. Doctors have many experiences of hair transplantation will ensure the delivery of good results.

Hair transplants are effective stretching

The biological tissue technologies are processed hair transplant meticulous and precise. After the transplant, healthy hair growth. This technology uses the patient’s own hair follicles and body friendly. Hair root grows as the cycle of natural growth.Become handsome more outside for a chance to show the inner skill.

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