Dealersocket Login & Customer Services Info

DealerSocket Login: Click here

In case you haven’t Username and password.

Ken Garff Corporate ( demo )

Username: kgttest  (Whoever created our login forgot to put the I in for it)

Password: Cs3353

More information:

DEALERSOCKET is an automotive software program in the USA – Canada – Australia.  The software supports dealers -merchant – seller make the communication to their client, through a fully series of:
Marketing & E-marketing.
SEO and sales, services.
DMS, and data tunneling solutions.

DealerSocket Login includes 6 departments portal. Below is the gateway to login each department:

Dealer socket – Main page:

Dealersocket Login


Dealersocket Login


Dealersocket Login


Dealersocket Login

Insight Reporting:

Dealersocket Login


Dealersocket Login





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