Blackboard IRSC: A few important works that most people forget

Blackboard IRSC: The tips & video

Some students had forgotten the following below and they can’t save their results.

How to Log In to Blackboard IRSC?

Step 1: Check username and password with your institution.

Step 2: Type your Username / Password. Note: Passwords are case sensitive. Click SIGN IN

* In case your URL transfer to “My Institution” tab, please log in through a button on the header frame.

If you are a new user, you will see ” invite create profile” Before creating a profile, you must accept the Blackboard Profiles Terms of Service in the pop-up window.

If you are existing users, you will see My Institution tab.

Passwords enable access to personal information. To maintain security, do not share passwords with others. If you forget your password, see Forgot Your Password? If you want to change your

If you want to change your password, contact Student Success Services

What do I do if I can’t log in?

You should contact the IT at your institution. You can look for the IT office on your institution’s website or search the internet for your IT  + IRSC Blackboard + help /support.

A few important things that most people forget

Setting up PIN Question

Step 1: Enter IRSC ID

Step 2: Enter birthday: YYYYMMDD ( Example: 01 Feb 1985 > 19850201 )

Step 3: Answer a question which you have previously setup.

After step 3, your PIN will be reset. Check your email to get new PIN.

In case you haven’t an email address on IRSC database, you should present picture ID in Admissions Office to get new PIN.

Login to the IRSC system, click “Profile” and select “Change PIN”.change the PIN to one of your own

Change the PIN.

Note: You must have set up a question and answer before you use this function for the 1st time.

When will you have access?

✓As long as the course has been paid for:
✓The course will appear at 12:01 a.m. on the day the class begins.
✓F2F Courses: First day of class.

You must log into the course ASAP:

✓Complete the attendance requirement
✓May be different for each course
✓(login, email, discussion post, etc.)

What browsers has supported IRSC Blackboard?

1.Google Chrome
3.Internet Explorer

The Blackboard Virtual Technical Supporter

Blackboard Virtual Tech Support is usually supporting one hour per day.

You can contact them here ( Click on images)

Note: You need to type your name and waiting.

Don’t worry. The session is ****ing. Please wait. It’s not much longer.

And if successful.

The security

Immediate and Life Threatening Emergency call 911


A video for new IRSC student.

The E-book references materials

One more thing, you can share your opinion 



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