Manual and how to effective learning Blackboard ACC

Manual of Blackboard ACC

Blackboard ACC is Electronic Education platform of Austin Community College District

Active your ACCeID

You must Activate Your ACCeID before you can access Blackboard.

Your ACCeID: Include the 1st letter of your official first name and 7 digit number of your ACC ID.

Click to the First Time Login and enter the last 4 digits of your SSN and birth date. Make sure you entered the correct information. If you receive the following “Error message” then you must update your student or employee records.

blackboard acc

Set your new password and authentication questions to complete the first-time login process.

Enter your ACCeID and the password in homepage and provide answers to all four authentication questions.

Support of Blackboard ACC

Student Services offers a wide range of programs and services to meet the diverse needs of Austin Community College ( ACC) students. The Different Student Services offices  ( DSSO) focus on recognizing the full potential of every student.

The effective learning guide with Blackboard ACC

More and more students choose online courses to improve their knowledge. Students can take full advantage of their time, place, content and speed with a wide range of well-known courses and specialists. But these features of online learning make the course difficult to complete. Worse than drop out or poor academic performance.

Here are the ways to learn effective online courses.

Determine your learning goals

You should take the time to think and find out your educational needs. The clearer your learning goals, the more motivation, commitment and inspiration you will learn. It is because you want to improve your knowledge and understanding. Either improve the current work efficiency or simply apply the theory into practice. Once you have a clear learning goal, look for courses that meet that need. Read Syllabus carefully to find a similarity with your learning goals. Commit to, study full Blackboard ACC thoroughly, make sure it suits your needs.

Ensure private study space

Some people take advantage of the break or weekend evenings at home to study. This is the moment there are many factors that cause the distraction. You should choose a private space, a certain quiet so as not to be bothered. Turn off social networking, facebook messages or leave your phone in vibrate mode.

Make a learning plan

Planning: You need to estimate the time it takes to complete the course. Then you plan your study.
How much time will you devote to completing this course?
What is your progress?
The barriers when learning online and planning to overcome it.
For example, you are prepared to go to work at the right time to submit the ACC test and not check the mail.

Create a to-do list: Begin each week of writing out what to finish in the week. This is a good way to prioritize your level of education and make sure important things like exams, deadlines, and assignments are not missed. You can save these things on your computer, on your mobile, write in the study corner, or create a separate excel for learning at the Blackboard ACC.

Estimated Time Limits: Before you start learning, you should estimate the time to complete each task that you study, whether it be a simple task such as reading a reference. Then consider the finite time you have, which will help you develop your self-esteem as well as have a good base for reviewing your learning.

Ask questions and discuss

If you have any questions about your knowledge or application, contact your supervisor. They will help you because they are sure they want your studies to be effective. Before asking, make sure what you want to know and express is clear and easy to understand.

Blackboard ACC have forums for you to talk with other students and faculty. Do not hesitate. It is your sharing, your questions will help others and vice versa. The interaction gives you the opportunity to better understand your knowledge, clear your doubts, and expand your relationship.

Record, review what you have learned

Blackboard ACC may not require you to record your knowledge or experience. But if you do not do that then knowledge will soon be forgotten or un-useful. Do not skip quiz, assignment, group exchange with other students that is a way to help you review, test and develop what you have learned.

Keep learning motivation

The important thing for you to accomplish effectively on Blackboard ACC is to be self-managing, independent and responsible for your learning. Choosing a course that fits your goals will give you a great sense of inspiration. In addition, here are some suggestions to help you stay motivated:

Learning in the space you feel comfortable.

Redesign the learning space with inspirational quotes.

Always remember the reason why you are taking this course.

Reward yourself every time you complete a challenging learning assignment.

Study online with a group of friends or exchange regularly with faculty and other learners of the course.

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