Part I – Guide to activating at

Step 1: Register at AncestryDNA

Sign in with your Ancestry account.

Your DNA results will be tied to the account you’re in when activating the test.


Go to 

Enter your activation code.

The code is 15 alternating letters and numbers; don’t enter hyphens. You¬†can find the¬†activation code¬†printed on your tube.


Click NEXT.


Complete the activation form.

Reminded: The member’s name is for your reference just and won’t have appeared to others. Unless you change your default inclinations, different individuals will see just a show name.


A. Enter the First and Last Name  DNA sample.

B. Select the Birth Year from the next-down menu

C. Select the Gender.

D. Click the Show participant’s complete ethnicity profile box if you want DNA matches to be able to see every region in the test taker’s ethnicity estimate and backward.

E. Read and accept Terms and Conditions.

Click the NEXT.

Step 3:

Read their Informed Consent

Participation is voluntary, maybe change on anytime, and will not affect the participant’s results.

Click NEXT.

Step 4:

Review a summary of the completed activation form.

A. Click (edit) to change.


You can’t get the results unless you activate DNA Ancestry TEST!!!

Part II – Guide to taking DNA and send it to the lab

Step 1:

Keep your mouth clean for at least 30 minutes before giving your saliva sample.

Spit your saliva into the tube….


….until the saliva ( no bubble)¬†almost touch the black¬†line.

Step 2:

Take out the funnel from the tube.

Capping on the enclosed cap tightly will stabilize the DNA in your saliva.

It works when the blue liquid from the cap has flowed down into the tube.

Step 3:

Shake the tube 5 -10 second.

Put the tube inside the transparent bag in your DNA kit and seal the bag.

Step 4:

Send it to the lab. Results will be available after 2-4 weeks.

Part III – Some cases fail the test and how to avoid them?

Case 1: A member of your family buys some test toolkit for each member. However, when our family gets the results, it is only the name of the buyer and not separately for each person.

How to solve?

  • When you purchase a testing toolkit, call the consultant. Tell them to write correct name for each toolkit. At the same time, your family’s member register individual accounts on AncestryDNA¬†and activated code in their account

Case 2: You forget the code in the tube for the check.

  • Call to your Express first. Ask them the AWB Express for the toolkit.
  • Call to AncestryDNA, and require the support. Tell them the bill number and the reason why you call to them.

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  • I have activated my DNA test and sent it, but did not save the code.I have not heard from ancestry yet

    Barbara Clark Reply
    • Re-log in and you can get the code back.

      andrew Reply
  • I purchased a DNA kit and submitted my saliva several months ago, however I can’t find my results anywhere on My name is tyrone timms. I don’t remember my code. If the email listed below does not registered, use

    Tyrone Timms Reply
  • HELP I Received an I pad for Christmas. My daughter signed me up for under: with a password I can use to access/update my family tree, which I am able to do. That is the only password I know of for

    And a friend paid for and sent in for my DNA Test.

    I am being charged $34.99 a month for Ancestry, World Explorer with automatic renewal. I am trying to get help from Ancestry but the password I use to access/update my family tree doesn’t work to contact Ancestry. Can I get help from you?

    The instructions to activate my kit online… SAY do not skip this step. You CANNOT get your results unless you activate your test. How do I activate my DNA test. And make sure I get DNA test etc… under my name?

    Please advise me as to what I have to do. I have completed my test and want to send it in.

    Sandra Waters Reply
  • I cannot activate my kit as your instructions are for the saliva test and my kit is cheek swab test. Please tell me what to do.

    Jean Felix Reply
  • When my husband signed in to activate his kit it asked for his email address and password but when I signed in it didn’t ask for mine. Why?

    julie buchheit Reply
    • Hi Julie,
      1. Do you use the same or different your husband ID/password?
      2. Check Ancestry account setting to make sure they are not confused with some nonsense emails.

      Andrew Reply
  • I put in 15 diget activation code and I filled in the name info but it still says my husbands name and not mine. He has already gotten his results and I don’t want to send my saliva kit in and get it confused with his. How do I put this in my name for my sample?

    Gloria Moore Reply
    • Hi Gloria,
      First, you should create your new account.
      Second, try to put the digit code to the new account and active. In case it continuing appear your husband name, you can call the support of Ancestry to help you.
      You can contact them with address above.
      Good luck

      Andrew Reply
  • I had A DNA test in March ,My Results came in But Can not see them I forgot my password and made a new password but now its telling me I got to join a family tree group ,, I Paid For This Test Please Help Me See My Results .

    Geraldine Reply
  • I sent in my DNA test in March and still have not received the results. I paid for the test, which was my birthday gift. I am disappointed with your lack of a response. Please either send the results or refund my money.

    Dot Johnson Reply
  • I can’t get in to activate , It won’t take my password it said go to my email but their is nothing on it. why
    couldn’t you have a phone number to call I have searched this is not good.

    Donna J. Di Maio Reply
    • UK: 0800 404 9723
      Ireland: 1800 303 664
      Australia: 1800 251 838
      New Zealand: 0800 442 100
      Canada: 1800 958 9073

      Andrew Reply
  • I returned a kit but forgot to activate or write down the code. Is there anyway to get another kit?

    Willer Bradley Reply
  • I returned a kit but forget to activate or write down the code. Can I get another kit?

    Willer Bradley Reply
  • I find that having to create a new email account for a spouse troublesome.

    Gennaro Avolio Reply
  • Could you send me a hard copy of my DNA results?

    James E Meis Reply