Cataract surgery: These things must know

Cataract surgery: These things must know

The article of cataract surgery have 3 parts:

1.Surgery costs & advice.

2.Preparation before surgery.

3.Caring for patients after surgery.

Surgery costs & advice

According to  USHMO report (United States Health Medical Organizations), in 2017USA Cost: 3570$ per eye. You need to spend an extra $ 449 or $ 895 per eye if your eyes are nearsighted or farsightedness. You can reduce the cost if perform the surgery in some other countries. Examples:

  • India: 1500$
  • Thailand: 2000 – 2500$
  • Canada: 3400$
  • United Kingdom: £2,380
  • Switzerland: 3300$

*The cost is given not include deductions from insurance

Preparation before surgery

After you are diagnosed with cataracts and allowed to perform surgery, you should follow these steps below:

  • The Blood test.
  • Check generality.
  • Eye check, measuring corneal power and calculation of artificial lens.

If all tests normal, your doctor will advise artificial lens type matching and cataract surgery. In a case of medical problems (hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular …) will be treating patients stable before cataract surgery.

In the day of the surgery:
– Patients should bathe, wash clean before surgery.
– Arrive on time according to your doctor’s appointment. The patient and family commitments should read a report of surgery. Asking all questions about the issue around. This content should clear before signing on the commitment surgical.
-Before entering the operating room, the patient need solve the personal needs and facial hygiene. Doctor reviewing medical records, blood pressure measuring circuit and wash lacrimal pump. He will try to test whether non-drug allergy and general health to make sure the patient are eligible for surgery.

Caring for patients after surgery

– The patient comes to the hospital according to the plan. Check back soon if any abnormal signs.

– Avoid water touch to the eye after surgery. Using protect eyeglass in 2 weeks. Don’t let bumps in the eye.

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